A Knowledgeable And Experienced Denver Dermatologist

About Skin Dermatology have an outstanding Denver dermatologist team of experienced, professional hard workers, who take pride in what they do. Their team is made up of a selection of highly-skilled board certified physicians and providers, who care for your skin. This outstanding Denver dermatologist is able to help treat several different skin diseases and offer a variety of treatments; these are for people who are a range of ages from young children to the elderly. They like to use a evidence based approach, this is because it means they are able to develop at treatment which helps by addressing the current symptoms and therefore preventing future symptoms. They will work with the patients individually; this is so that they can make sure the plans incorporates the preferences and needs of each patient. At this Denver dermatologist they like to use the latest technology, techniques and data in their practices, they do this because they want all of their patients to receive the most up-to-date advanced competent care for their skin. They always work hard so that they can meet the needs of each individual patient by frequently reviewing and mastering new clinical information. Dr. Cohen, who is one of their outstanding doctors, is a nationally recognised clinical educator and lecturer to individuals all around the world. Their practices have been features on a selection of local and nationally syndicated shows such as The Doctors and ABC Denver. This Denver dermatologist is a state of the art medical centre, which offers four different services; these are medical dermatology, mohs surgery, clinical research, and aesthetic and laser.

They offer their patients the most advanced surgical procedures, medical dermatology, and cosmetic treatment, to provide them with the best options. They will make sure to carefully listen to all of your concerns, so that they can design a treatment plan for you which utilises the most advanced surgical, medical or aesthetic techniques to allow you to reach your most desirable outcome. Their medical dermatology services include acne, nail disorders, infections and drug rashes. Providing the best care for your skin is their commitment to advanced training, they make sure that all of their physicians consistently receive this. It’s through this continued education that they discover innovative tools including the dermatoscope, which is a diagnostic tool used by the physician to assist in the evaluation of skin lesions. The dermatoscope gives them a peek into the deeper layers of the skin; these layers are not able to be viewed with the naked eye. There is a significant benefit to the use of this advanced tool; which is that it allows your doctor to view a mole or lesion in much greater detail. They use a range of different products, these products include UV lotion, pigment gel HQ free, hydrovase and cetaphil cleanser.